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Hong Kong Legal Week 2019 receives positive feedback from judges and legal experts from around the world

During Hong Kong Legal Week 2019, the Secretary for Justice, Ms Teresa Cheng, SC, met with judges and legal experts from different jurisdictions. Participants of the Judicial Roundtable, an event of the Hong Kong Legal Week 2019, offered their positive feedback of the events.

"For judges from different jurisdictions, we have rare opportunities like this to come together and learn from each other. The event helps us get the views and perspectives from different judges across the world. It also provides us with a time to discuss the multi-facets of cross-border dispute resolution, which have been complicated and complex to us. With new issues coming up every day, it will be beneficial for us to have regular discussions like this." (Sorawit LIMPARANGSRI, Judge of the Research Division of the Court of Appeal for Specialized Cases, Thailand)

"Some topics discussed here are new to Mongolia. I hope to apply what I have learnt from other jurisdictions to my place. The series of events in the Legal Week in Hong Kong has been beneficial and helpful to us." (Nyamsuren GOCHOO, Civil Judge, First Instance Court, Songinokhairkhan district of Mongolia)

"The speakers are insightful and the event is resourceful. It is believed that we can achieve more win-win situations when we can apply the model of mediation to our place." (Dewi SANTINI, Judge, District Court, Indonesia)

"The conference (Judicial Roundtable) is informative and clear. We are impressed by the organisation of Hong Kong and the words from Ms Cheng, Secretary for Justice. Hopefully, this kind of conference can be hosted every year as this is a good platform for experience sharing and capacity building for legal and dispute resolution in our region." (Chinara AIDARBEKOVA, Judge, Supreme Court, Kyrgyz Republic)


The Secretary for Justice, Ms Teresa Cheng, SC, welcomes the Secretary of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, Ms Anna Joubin-Bret (front row, fourth right) as well as judges and legal experts from across the world