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The Common Law

Under “One Country, Two Systems”, Hong Kong has retained its common law system, which has continued to thrive and operate normally.
  • Hong Kong is the only common law jurisdiction within China
  • The common law system is maintained under Article 8 of the Basic Law
  • Hong Kong has built well-established commercial case law that is highly regarded by the international business community and foreign investors
  • The Law Reform Commission aims to maintain a reputation for excellence in law reform, both internationally and in Hong Kong. It presents reform proposals that make the law in Hong Kong more effective, more accessible, and more in tune with the community’s needs
  • All litigants may apply for legal aid regardless of whether or not they are Hong Kong residents
  • Hong Kong’s laws are available on line for easy access
  • Over 260 multilateral treaties apply to Hong Kong. Hong Kong has signed over 250 bilateral agreements on its own in certain areas covering free trade, taxation, investment promotion and protection. Hong Kong participates on its own as a member of about 50 international organisations, e.g. World Trade Organization (WTO) and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
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