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Hong Kong Legal Hub

Dr Thomas So, JP
Hong Kong, as an international legal hub, will further enhance the capability of its legal profession by harnessing modern technology in the provision of legal and dispute resolution services.
Ronald Sum
I support the Department of Justice to keep pace with global changes by capitialising on modern technology with a view to consolidating our role as an international legal hub for legal, deal-making and dispute resolution services.
I Grenville Cross SBS, SC
"Vision 2030 for Rule of Law", will teach young people about the rule of law and also promote their awareness of law-abiding issues, through collaboration with the various stakeholders. I feel sure the programme will enhance the community's proper understanding of the rule of law, and of how it operates in practice.
Justin D’Agostino
The new Legal Cloud for Hong Kong is a worthy investment, both in the new digital law technology shaping the future of our profession, and in Hong Kong’s long-term strength as a dispute resolution hub.
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