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Disputes Resolution Services

Hong Kong is a prime venue for international legal and dispute resolution services through arbitration and mediation:
  • Since 2015, Hong Kong has been among the top five preferred seats for arbitration globally according to the International Arbitration Surveys conducted by Queen Mary University of London
  • With an arbitration-friendly approach well-documented in court judgments, Hong Kong’s judiciary is particularly successful in the realm of international dispute resolution. When two parties have a dispute with a valid arbitration agreement, the court will order that the court proceedings be stayed in favour of arbitration. The court will also uphold the general flexibility and integrity of the arbitral process
  • Hong Kong arbitral awards are enforceable in over 150 Contracting States to the New York Convention. This is complemented by respective arrangements for reciprocal enforcement with Mainland China and Macao SAR
  • The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) is a home-grown arbitral institution. HKIAC ranked first for location, perceived value for money, helpfulness of staff and IT services by the Global Arbitration Review Hearing Centres Surveys 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • A number of well-respected international institutions have chosen to make Hong Kong their first global location outside their home jurisdictions. This melding of local and international arbitral institutions has fostered Hong Kong’s development as the leading international legal and dispute resolution services hub in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond
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