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A New Era for Cross-Border Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards between the Mainland and Hong Kong
内地与香港仲裁裁决执行安排是“一国两制”与《基本法》的践行典范 (原文载於人民法院报) (Chinese Only)
香港特区执业大律师浅谈《关于内地与香港特别行政区相互执行仲裁裁决的安排》的四项修订 (原文载於人民法院报) (Chinese Only)
Quotes from legal professionals showing support to the Department of Justice’s initiatives in the Chief Executive’s 2020 Policy Address
Mediation Conference 2020 “Mediate First – More Than You Can Imagine”
The Mock Arbitrations
The 2020 International Arbitration Survey of Queen Mary University of London is now open for participation
Basic Law 30<sup>th</sup> Anniversary Legal Summit
“Back to Basics”
The opening of the Hong Kong Legal Week 2020 & Opening of Hong Kong Legal Hub, as well as the Launch of Vision 2030 for Rule of Law
[Hong Kong Legal Week 2020 will be held virtually from 2 to 6 November]
Legal Week 2020 is coming soon
Online Registration is now opened for the Hong Kong Mediation Lecture
Additional transparency measures to enhance understanding of court decisions and complaints
Government launches new scheme for COVID-19-related ODR
Hong Kong is actively developing an ODR platform
How to implement the CISG in Hong Kong?
Common law and judicial independence bedrocks of Hong Kong's success
83% of the cross-border MSMEs faced challenges in dispute resolution
Hongkong Post to issue special stamps “Hong Kong · International Legal Hub“
Hong Kong once again ranked as world's freest economy
Med-arb as a new and viable ADR mechanism
UNCITRAL Working Group III - Register Now
Mediation Conference 2020 : “United Nations Mediation Convention – Challenges for mediators” is ready for registration!
Online Registration is now opened for Legal Week 2020 - Sports Dispute Resolution Conference
Ceremonial Opening of the Legal Year 2021
Conference and Webinar Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the CISG
Accessibility of law
Hong Kong-Mainland China Arrangement on Interim Measures: HKIAC Update
Hong Kong making its success as a seat of arbitration with the talent pool and strategic geographical location
The presence of world-class arbitral institutions in Hong Kong
Solid legal basis for election postponement and current LegCo to continue performing duties
CE expresses gratitude to NPCSC for decision for sixth-term LegCo to continue to discharge duties
Hong Kong has a distinguished arbitration framework
Hong Kong being one of the world's preferred seats of arbitration
Government decision to postpone LegCo poll reasonable, legal and in public interest
To promote mediation internationally and locally
Hong Kong remains a neutral and effective seat of arbitration
Forms of Arbitration & Specialised Arbitration Communities — Ad hoc arbitration
Measures to weather the storm brought by the pandemic
Implementation of the CISG will enhance Hong Kong’s position as a BRI Dispute Resolution Centre?

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An Introduction to The Hague Academy of International Law’s 2021 Hong Kong Programme Webinar
Hong Kong’s unique role in IP creation, protection and enforcement as well as dispute resolution in GBA and beyond
2020 Colloquium on International Law
Open Innovation: Driving Collaboration in Times of Change
A Business Vision for a Sustainable and Inclusive Future

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Basic Law 30<sup>th</sup> Anniversary Legal Summit
“Back to Basics”
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