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The Belt & Road Initiatives

While foreign affairs are the responsibility of the Central People's Government (CPG), Hong Kong has been authorised by the CPG under the Basic Law to conduct relevant external affairs on its own in accordance with the Basic Law.
  • Hong Kong may on its own, using the name "Hong Kong, China", conclude and implement agreements with foreign states and regions and relevant international organisations in the appropriate fields, including the economic, trade, financial and monetary, shipping, communications, tourism, cultural and sports fields
  • Under these unique arrangements, Hong Kong has developed an effective and close relationship with the international community in the past decades and will continue to develop such relationship with the Belt and Road countries
CPG has given clear policy endorsement for the establishment of a credible, neutral, fair and effective dispute resolution body for resolving cross-border disputes arising from Belt and Road projects.
  • DoJ has set up a taskforce to study the establishment of a Belt and Road Dispute Resolution Centre in Hong Kong, providing negotiation, mediation and arbitration services for the resolution of various types of disputes under the Belt and Road Initiative, and the formulation of a set of bespoke rules for the resolution of different types of disputes arising from Belt and Road transactions
  • Hong Kong's special reciprocal arrangement with Mainland China makes it an ideal location for the resolution of Belt and Road-related disputes. Under the arrangement, if a party refuses to comply with an arbitral award made in Hong Kong, the other party can apply to the Intermediate People’s Court of the Mainland China in order to seek enforcement of the award. This arrangement adds to Hong Kong’s appeal as the preferred locale for Belt and Road-related arbitration

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