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International Legal Services

"One Country, Two Systems”

  • Under the Basic Law, Hong Kong enjoys a high degree of autonomy and retain its common law legal system. Hong Kong is the only jurisdiction practicing common law within China. Hong Kong has built well-established commercial case law that is highly regarded by the international business community and foreign investors. 
  • The Judiciary in Hong Kong has the best quality judges maintained. Non-permanent judges from other common law jurisdictions of the Court of Final Appeal are eminent who are well respected in the international legal sector. Courts exercise judicial power independently, free from interference. 
  • English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Alongside with the Chinese language, English language is also stated as an official language by Article 9 of the Basic Law.
  • English is extensively used by the executive authorities, legislature and judiciary of the Hong Kong Government. All legislation in Hong Kong is enacted in both Chinese and English, and both versions are accorded with equal status.

 A strong legal profession

 Legal professionals in Hong Kong are highly regarded by the international community and possess the ability to provide a wide range of high quality legal services. They possess strong business acumen and have extensive experience in dealing with cross-border legal matters.

  • With strong knowledge in international business and commercial law, legal professionals in Hong Kong can provide integrated legal advice for cross-border agreements and related services. 
  • Hong Kong has over 10,000 practising solicitors, over 900 Hong Kong law firms, plus around 100 registered foreign law firms and over 1500 registered foreign lawyers. 

International and regional legal hub 

  • Hong Kong plays an active role in the international arena. Hong Kong has been authorised under the Basic Law to conduct relevant external affairs and may use the name “Hong Kong, China” conclude and implement agreements with foreign states and regions and international organisations in the appropriate fields, including the economic, trade, financial and monetary, shipping, communication, tourism, cultural and sports fields. Hong Kong participates on its own as a member of around 50 international organisations, including Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). There are over 260 multilateral international agreements and over 250 bilateral agreements applicable to Hong Kong. 
  • Hong Kong has been the host for numerous international events including but not limited to conferences and inter-governmental meetings. This affords ample opportunities for Hong Kong’s legal and dispute resolution professionals to keep abreast of the latest developments and engage in professional exchanges. 
  • Please click here to view the arrangements that have been reached with the Mainland authorities on matters relating to mutual legal assistance between Hong Kong and Mainland China. 
  • Please click here to view the arrangements that have been reached with the Macao SAR authorities on matters relating to mutual legal assistance between Hong Kong and the Macao SAR
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