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Legal Services

Hong Kong has a robust legal services sector with many major international law firms setting up their offices here.
  • Hong Kong’s legal sector includes more than 10,000 practising solicitors and about 1,500 practising barristers, of which about 100 are Senior Counsel, as well as around 1,600 registered foreign lawyers from 34 jurisdictions
  • As a global trade, finance and business hub, Hong Kong has a wealth of legal expertise in areas such as banking and finance, shipping, maritime, construction, intellectual property, and information technology
  • International legal professionals bring with them additional experience in the areas of civil and commercial law, complementing the existing talent pool of local legal professionals with expertise in raising capital, drafting and negotiating contracts, and advising on intellectual property rights protection in Hong Kong
  • The legal professionals also bring international perspective and experience in handling international transactions so that commercial disputes can be dealt with fairly and effectively
  • The Hong Kong Bar Association and The Law Society of Hong Kong are the two major legal representative bodies of the legal profession in Hong Kong
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