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Our Strategic Location

Hong Kong is a global transport and information hub completely plugged into global markets and networks.
  • Within a 4-hour flight of major Asian cities
  • A 5-hour flight from half the world's population
  • Hong Kong Port is among the busiest and most efficient container ports in the world
  • Hong Kong International Airport connects to more than 220 destinations by over 120 airlines
  • 320 container liner services per week
  • World's busiest air cargo hub in 2017 (4.94m tonnes)
  • Connecting to around 470 destinations worldwide
  • One of the world's busiest for passengers (72.9m passengers)
  • Extensive cross-boundary links with Mainland China - road, rail, air and sea
  • Express Railway plugs Hong Kong into the 70+ pairs of trains daily connecting to 44 short and long haul destinations
  • The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is the world's longest bridge-tunnel sea crossing, spanning 55 km across the Pearl River Estuary. It is opening up new opportunities in the Western Pearl River Delta region
  • Six boundary crossings (seventh to open later in 2019) between Hong Kong and the Mainland provide for smooth flows of passengers, vehicles and cargo between Hong Kong and neighbouring cities including Shenzhen
  • Easy Internet access: about 21,800 free Wi-Fi, HK hotspots (increasing to 34,000 by 2019), mobile phone penetration rate of 248 per cent, household broadband penetration rate of 92.6 per cent
  • Sophisticated ICT infrastructure, including 11 submarine cable systems and 11 satellites for external communications. A number of high capacity submarine cable systems connecting Hong Kong, the US and other places are underway, which will further increase Hong Kong's connectivity and data capacity and boost our competitive edge
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