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The Judiciary

Hong Kong’s judiciary is renowned for its quality, independence and respect for the rule of law.
  • Hong Kong ranks No.2 in Asia and No.8 globally for judicial independence (World Economic Forum: Global Competitiveness Report 2019)
  • Hong Kong ranks No.2 in Asia in respect of the rule of law in the Worldwide Governance Indicators project of the World Bank Group
  • Hong Kong’s percentile rank in respect of rule of law has improved from 69.85 in 1996 to 95.19 in 2018
  • Hong Kong has scored above 90 (out of 100) consistently since 2003 in the aggregate indicator in respect of the rule of law.
  • Hong Kong ranks No.1 in Economic Freedom and World No.3 in the Human Freedom Index 2019 (Cato Institute) by scoring 8.81 (out of 10), with Judicial Independence and Integrity of Legal System scored at 8.6 and 8.3 respectively
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