"National Security Law (NSL) is a hugely important development in the history of Hong Kong. Today's forum opens healthy debates especially when experts talk to each other. Appreciate there are different political views but open minds lead to civilized discussions. That is what is absolutely important in a case like this."
Mr Michael John Hartmann, GBS
Former Non-Permanent, Judge of the Court of Final Appeal

"Our uniqueness stems from the "one country, two systems" framework, which is the cornerstone for our economy, as for our community. Together with the rule of law and our formidable institutional strengths, they are defining the advantages that have long propelled Hong Kong's resounding success."
Paul Chan Mo-po, GBM, GBS, MH, JP
Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government

 "On behalf of the Consulate General of the Philippines, I’d like to congratulate Hong Kong and the Department of Justice led by very hardworking Secretary Teresa Cheng for organizing this symposium - the Symposium the Rule of Law. I’m very pleased to be part of it. The speakers are very interesting, the topic is very engaging and I wish all the delegates of this symposium a fruitful discussion and a successful conclusion to this meeting. Again extend my full support to this meeting and I hope that it continues to be a forum for a good exchange ideas for Hong Kong and for the rest of participants."
Raly L. Tejada
Consel General
Consulate General of the Philippines Hong Kong

 "After participating in this event today, we are more confident to the legal environment of Hong Kong. It has a good impact on Hong Kong's business environment. Everyone recognizes the charm of Hong Kong with its society and economy governed by the rule of law."
River Chen
Chief Executive
China Merchants Bank

"“One country, two systems” of course includes the principles of “one country” and “two systems”. On the principle of “one country”, there needs to be a bottom line in law, and the National Security Law can be construed as one of those legal bottom lines."
(Professor Albert Chen SBS, JP
Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong)
Published date: 2021.07.13

"National security is highly regarded in China, and there is the concept known as “holistic approach to national security”.  The National Security Law in Hong Kong deals with national security in four aspects, including secession, subversion, collusion to endanger national security and terrorist activities. The National Security Law oversees these four issues pertaining to national security."
(Professor Albert Chen SBS, JP
Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong)
Published date: 2021.07.13

"Hong Kong’s National Security Law is highly significant as it serves as "the law to safeguard Hong Kong”. It has effectively deterred foreign intervention, collusion with disrupters harming the interest of China and Hong Kong, interference with Hong Kong affairs and activities endangering national security. The National Security Law ensures the steadfast implementation of “one country, two systems”, and safeguards Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability in the long term.  Supporting the National Security Law means guarding Hong Kong’s unique position and success edges, and embracing the city’s key opportunities for development. With the smooth implementation of the National Security Law and the improved electoral system in the HKSAR, Hong Kong definitely has a brighter and better future."
(Liu Guangyuan
Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region)
Published date: 2021.07.09

"The National Security Law is necessary and essential as a new law. The National Security Law is necessary because every society has legislation that safeguards national security."
(Leung Chun-ying, GBM GBS JP
Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference)
Published date: 2021.07.09

"Hong Kong is the only common law jurisdiction in the whole world that practices truly bilingual laws in English and Chinese. To me, this is a unique advantage for Hong Kong to intermediate commercial and financial businesses to and from mainland China,"
(Norman Chan GBS
Former Chief Executive of Hong Kong Monetary Authority)
Published date: 2021.06.30

"Hong Kong is perfectly positioned to be the connector between the rest of the world and the Greater Bay Area which is the most sophisticated part of the Chinese economy..." 
(Merlin Swire
Chairman of Swire Pacific Limited)
Published date: 2021.06.30

"The Greater Bay Area is spearheading China’s further global economic integration, especially into the world’s largest single market embedded in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). Hong Kong is the global business platform for these increasing trade and investment flows. The window of opportunity is opening wider for Hong Kong and international companies based here. "
(Dr. Victor Fung GBM GBS
Chairman of Fung Group and 2022 Foundation)
Published date: 2021.06.29

"The recent cross-border insolvency arrangement between Hong Kong and the Mainland shows the great advantage of one country two systems, and it reflects the importance of Hong Kong as an international financial centre and an international restructuring hub."
(Look Chan Ho, Barrister
Des Voeux Chambers)
Published date: 2021.05.31

"The recent introduction of Limited Partnership funds, Unified Funds Exemption and Tax Concession for carried interest strongly support the further development of Hong Kong as a leading Private Equity and Fund hub attractive to global, regional and domestic player."
(Andrew Weir, MBE JP
Global Chairman, Asset Management and Hong Kong Senior Partner, KPMG)
Published date: 2021.05.31

"Drafting Hong Kong arbitration clauses offers parties contracting with PRC entities anywhere in the world unique protections, not available if other jurisdictions are selected. Foremost is asset protection/freezing in the PRC, available only where parties have pre-nominated Hong Kong arbitration by one of the qualifying institutions . Gone are the days, therefore, where Belt and Road countries should tell their citizens “ let investors arbitrate here”. That asset protection is thereby lost.

On infrastructure projects, parties should also consider expressly nominating Hong Kong law, both as the contract’s governing law and separately of its arbitration agreement. They will save them time and cost, in not having to produce independent expert reports on foreign laws and subjecting those experts to cross-examination. More significantly, Hong Kong law has developed cutting-edge answers to many of the construction industry’s conundra over, for example; the occurrence of defects; giving of contractual notices; parties’ specific intent overriding the document precedence clause; the relationship of project completion to outstanding work; record-keeping."
(Paul Starr
Partner and Practice Leader HK DR/Infrastructure Joint Coordinator International Arbitration Team King & Wood Mallesons)
Published date: 2021.05.31

Published date: 2021.03.16

Published date: 2021.03.16

Published date: 2021.03.16

Published date: 2021.03.16

"香港作為國際法律樞紐將積極加強業界能力,利用現代 科技提供法律和爭議解決服務,我們聽到都感到很鼓舞。"
Published date: 2021.03.16

Published date: 2021.03.16

Published date: 2021.03.16

Published date: 2021.03.16

雙手在筆記本鍵盤上打字。 香港法律樞紐
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